1,000 Cranes for Peace

We did it. This April, you wonderful people banded together and helped us fold 1,000 cranes between our two teahouses.  Now it is time to figure out where to send them. So far we have two nominations, but are welcoming more.

  1. The Family of  Robert W. Napier (Bobby and her three children)



Shawn Grey-Schulte, the founder of the Iron Horse Challenge Facebook page with the primary focus on the fight to end ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) nominated the family of Robert Hawkins-Napier.  Robert was a father of three, a loving husband, and a lived with ALS for over a decade before passing away this March.

Robert’s wife, Bobby,  was his primary care nurse, which cost the family dearly.  Shawn wanted to nominate Bobby and her kids because he sees them in need of the gift of peace and any symbols that can help them through the rough time ahead.

  1. People of Palestine

Sheryl Martin is nominating the country of Palestine to send some peace. Palestine is presently undergoing a genocide and has had ongoing oppression since 1948.  The Palestinians are losing hope as many of their children are being killed and imprisoned.

This list will be updated when we have more nominations. Who would you send a message of peace? Let us know on Facebook.


Pemberley Woods Afternoon Tea at Happy Lucky’s

Celebrate mom right this Mother’s Day. Treat her (and yourself) to a three-course Tea Party! Catered by the wonderful people at Pemberley Woods, this Mother’s Day is a guaranteed success if you join us at our Old Town teahouse.

Each course has been paired with one of our high-quality loose-leaf teas, with the option to substitute an Herbal Blend if you so choose.

May 13th, 2018
Seatings at 1 pm & 3 pm. 
$27.95 for adults | $17.95 for Kids (12 and under)
Call (970) 689-3417 to reserve seats
Gluten free and Vegan options available if noted when booking a reservation.


Kid’s Menu  (12 and under)
Course 1
Classic Cucumber Tea Sandwich
Turkey and Earl Grey Honey Apple Butter Tea Sandwich
Strawberry and Cream Cheese Tea Sandwich
Course 2
Milk Scones served with butter, preserves, and cream
Course 3
Berry Tarts
Mini Eclairs

Make Your Tea Happy with CBD Infused Honey

Feeling stressed? Body a little tense? Make your tea (and your body) Happy with a shot of CBD infused honey. We’re excited to have Farmhouse Hemp products at the teahouse because it’s one more way we can help Nourish Your Happy. You can add a 10mg honey shot for only $1.50 for a relaxing happy feeling in your body. Studies show it can reduce stress, reduce inflammation, and ease nausea.  We measure it out with an actual syringe, so you get exactly what you pay for.

What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid compound found in the hemp plant. That means to won’t get you high (that’s THC) from ingesting CBD products.  CBD doesn’t even affect the same receptors that THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) does, so your mind stays present. It is extracted from the seeds, stalks, and flowers of the hemp plant. THC, on the other hand, comes from the flowering tops and leaves. 

It is legal to purchase and consume CBD under U.S. Federal law as long as it’s extracted from hemp. Hemp is a non-psychoactive variety of Cannabis sativa L. that contains less than 0.3% THC. The marijuana plant is in the same genus as hemp, but their chemical makeup is not identical.  So don’t worry, you’re not breaking the law when you treat yourself to a bit-o CBD. 


CBD Benefits 

Studies are beginning to discover a ton of amazing health benefits of CBD. It’s been as beneficial for treating inflammation, pain, anxiety, seizures, spasms, and nausea, according to Medical News Today.

Why Farmhouse Hemp?

We chose to partner with Farmhouse Hemp because they are dedicated to natural processes, local ingredients, and authenticity in every part of their business. The high quality, pure full-spectrum hemp oil is made naturally (no weird solvents here!) from 100% local products. They hold themselves accountable by 3rd party testing, which they publish on their website.

The hemp they grow is 100% organic and local to Colorado. Each batch of hemp rosin is tested at a Colorado State University Lab to determine the CBD concentration and is published on Farmhouse Hemp’s website.

They use heat and pressure to extract the CBD, which eliminates the need for solvents. This guarantees their products are full-spectrum hemp oil.


Full-Spectrum hemp oil is pure, concentrated CBD that you can use orally or topically. The terpenoids and trace amounts of other cannabinoids contribute to the relaxing effect CBD has on your body. Terpenoids are oils that are secreted from the plant’s glands and are responsible for the aroma of cannabis. Those oil compounds along, with cannabinoids, increase blood flow, enhance cortical activity, and kill respiratory pathogens, according to a study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology.

Happy Lucky’s Wellness Bombs

CBD honey shots are the perfect addition to any herbal blend. Some of our favorite Wellness Bombs are Be Well, Ginger Orange Carrot, Vitali-Tea, and all of our chai blends. If you’re getting pure-leaf tea, we suggest you order a honey shot of CBD on the side, as the honey can overpower some of the flavors. But when it comes down to it, it’s your tea. Take it how you want it!

CBD Honey Shots, they’re C🐝D-licious!

What does First Flush Darjeeling have in common with Oolong tea?


What does First Flush Darjeeling have in common with Oolong tea? It’s all about the process. Despite Darjeeling being a black tea, the Springtime picking has a unique fresh greenness to it that makes it a little different from other Darjeeling harvests. Oolong also has a unique oxidation process that makes it an interesting meld between green and black tea.

Oolong is often described as an “in-between” tea compared to green and black. But surprise – it’s a little more complicated than that. The oxidation process of black tea involves the leaves being crushed or twisted, which turns the leaves brown after they’ve been oxidized. Green tea is traditionally processed by withering, heating, rolling and drying. The heating actually prevents oxidation and preserves a freshness. Black tea, on the other hand, is processed by being withered, rolled, oxidized and dried. Oolong tea begins to oxidize before it is crushed, which is why people often describe it as “in-between green and black”, according to Eric Scott, a self-proclaimed Tea Geek and graduate student at Tufts University.  

Tea picked at the beginning of the season (mid-March to May depending on weather) is known as “first flush”.  First flush teas are made from baby tea leaves that have just woken up after being dormant for the winter.  What sets First Flush Darjeeling apart from other black teas? It isn’t processed as deeply. When it is rolled, it retains some of the “leaf juice”,  which makes it special, according to Andy Boone, Master Blender at Happy Lucky’s. That’s why you get a subtle greenness in the leaves and an abundance of silver tips. The liquor is smooth on the palate with undertones of citrus and grape.

Tea processing and picking is one small part of the specialness of tea. It’s amazing that all these flavors can come from a single kind of plant. What else are you interested in learning about in the world of tea? Let us know! We love to geek out on tea.

Don’t Go Too Long without Oolong

Experience Oolong at Happy Lucky’s Teahouse 

Last week we talked about the scientific evidence connecting Oolong tea to supporting a healthy lifestyle. This week we want to just focus on how delicious it is! Did you know that there is a HUGE spectrum of flavor and aromas within this ONE type of tea? You’re going to want to try them all after learning about these scrumptious teas.

Here are three of our favorite Oolong teas, and why we love them so much:

Taiwan Tung ting “Frozen Summit”

“I love the Tung Ting because you can steep it all day,” said Leafster Sean. Taiwan Tung Ting, or “Frozen Summit” Oolong tea is one of Taiwan’s most renowned teas. Only the newly sprouted leaves are plucked and withered in the sun. The process of rolling and roasting is repeated, creating layers of nutty, floral and buttery aromas with balanced sweet floral notes.

Taiwan Tung Ting Oolong
Taiwan Tung Ting “Frozen Summit” Oolong Tea

Because it’s so tightly rolled, you can get anywhere from 5 to 10 steepings out of this tea. “The flavor improves as you brew it because the leaves slowly open up,” explained Andy, our in-house Master Tea Blender. From flavor to health benefits, this tea gives and gives and gives. Or as Sean puts it: “it just keeps giving love”. 

China Da Hong Pao “Big Red Robe”

Andy described this tea as “deep and roasty”. Da Hong Pao is on the more extreme end of oxidation (80-90%), meaning it has a deep, rich, scotch-like peatiness. If you peek into the tin you’ll notice that it is quite dark, and you might mistake it for a black tea. But that’s just how it looks after the oxidation process. The twisted leaves will give you 3-6 steepings, so it’s still worth sitting down and taking your time to sip.

China Da Hong Pao "Big Red Robe" Oolong Tea
China Da Hong Pao “Big Red Robe” Oolong Tea


Taiwan Wenshan Baozhong Oolong

From the high mountains of the Wen Mountain district in Northern Taiwan, this authentic Oolong makes for a sweet silky brew that anyone is sure to love. The leaves of this tea are greener than “Big Red Robe”, which mirrors the clean “clean fresh spring-like aroma,” as Andy put it. If you don’t want to waste a tightly rolled Oolong that is begging for multiple steepings, but you need that tea fix, this is the Oolong for you! The strip style leaves mean less complexity comes out of later steepings, but it also means that the first few steepings highlight the best flavors, according to Andy. So if you’re in a rush, or just want to savor one sweet cup, brew up some Wenshan Baozhong.

Taiwan Wenshan Baozhong Oolong Tea
Taiwan Wenshan Baozhong Oolong Tea


Oolong is an experience, and we want you to get everything you can out of it. The best way to enjoy Oolong is short steepings over multiple brews. So come to Happy Lucky’s Teahouse and experience the world of Oolong.


Tea takes time. Luckily we can offer you an additional hour of free parking in these three garages if you want to come downtown! What are you waiting for?  

If you can’t make it in, order online!

5 Ways to Celebrate National Hot Tea Month

5-ways-to-celebrate-blogJanuary is National Hot Tea month. If you’ve made a resolution to get off coffee, this is the month to start! Join the savvy sippers of the world and raise your cup (or mug, or gaiwan, or chawan) to celebrate one of our new favorite national holidays. Tea has been around for thousands of years, originating from the lush countrysides of China. But now the love of tea has spread across the globe and enticed people from all walks of life.

The U.S. is the third largest importer of tea in the world, after Russia and Pakistan, according to statistics from ITC (International Tea Committee),  so it makes sense that we would come together as a nation to celebrate the beauty of tea. From health benefits to sublime flavors, tea has something for everyone.

Here are 5 ways to celebrate National Hot Tea Month:

1. Drink Globally

Try switching up your tea drinking habits by experiencing different cultures through your brewing. Have a proper cuppa English Breakfast Black Tea by adding milk and sugar to your black tea. Or spice things up and pour yourself some Masala Chai to connect to the Indian way of sipping tea (for a classic blend, try Mahatma Masala).

2. Drink Locally

Come down to Happy Lucky’s Teahouse and share a pot of your favorite tea with some of your favorite people! Our cozy teahouse on Walnut Street is a great place to meet a friend in Downtown Fort Collins. And while you’re there, checkout our Shop Walnut neighbors. If you’re further south, check out our Front Range Village location

3. Try Tea Meditation

It’s like regular meditation, but with tea. Use tea as a tool to calm the mind and focus inward. It’s the easy way to quickly achieve an aware state of profound relaxation and focused calm that alludes so many who try to meditate. The tea meditation process is a simple mindfulness exercise; anyone can do it!

4. Steep and Sit

Make tea time thee time. Take a moment to sit back and relax with your favorite cup of hot tea. Grab a book, put on your slippers, and zen out.  This can be done in the comfort of your own home, and works best with a cozy sweatshirt and a happy cat or dog on your lap. 


5.  Have a Tea Party

Why not? Children and adults alike can appreciate a good tea party. Dust off your favorite teaware, make some scrumptious tea-infused treats, and invite your friends!

How are you celebrating #NationalHotTea month? Come to Happy Lucky’s Teahouse and tell us all about your tea tales, and be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Instagram!

Back to School Focus Teas

School can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Find your focus with a great cup of tea. Tea has been used for focus for ages:  Zen Buddhist monks have been drinking it since the 12th century to simulate presence of mind, mental awareness, and a calm meditative state.  If tea can help monks stay awake for hours of intense meditation, it can definitely help you ace your next test.

Many people reach for coffee in hopes that it will keep them awake and focused for the difficult hours that school often brings. While coffee will give you a boost of energy, it often comes with a jittery edge that leaves your heart pounding. Tea gives a calmer energy — one that invigorates, brightens and sharpens your mind and senses without overwhelming your body.



Matcha is a high quality, finely milled Japanese green tea powder. It is derived from Japanese tea leaves that have been shade grown for about 3 weeks before harvesting to slow growth and increase amino acids. Only the highest quality top buds are picked, making for a pure, nutritionally rich refined powder. With elevated antioxidants and L-theanine, matcha gives you a pleasant buzz without that jittery edge, making it perfect for focus.

traditional matcha
Traditonal Matcha


Sip Liquid Jade traditionally from a “Chawan” (Ceremonial bowl), mix it into smoothies, or drink it as a latte. For those always on the move, we have individually packaged authentic ceremonial grade matcha, or Matcha To Go. No whisking necessary! Just stir it into hot or cold water and enjoy.



Japan Matcha Infused Genmaicha

Genmaicha is a traditional Japanese favorite blending sencha green tea with toasted brown rice. This combination is well known for being served in sushi restaurants. The fresh flavor of green tea is balanced with the toasted, nutty flavor of the rice. The melding of matcha and green tea gives the drinker an optimal caffeine boost. High levels of the amino acid L-theanine creates a calming alertness that aids with concentration.




Japan Sencha Fukamushi Green Tea

Green tea is perfect for a late night study session, and Japanese teas have a tendency to have higher caffeine than most (due to a large amount of nitrogen typically used in the fertilizer). Japan Sencha Fukamushi is good for those in search of a higher caffeinated green tea. Sencha is the most common green tea in all of Japan, and there are several different styles. The steaming process which Fukamusi refers to enhances the savory notes, lending more mellowness than one might expect in a green tea. The tea is broken down more, which allows more vitamins, fiber, and chlorophyll to be directly consumed. Both your mind and body benefits from this nourishing tea.

Goji Green “Focus” Green Tea Blend

It should be obvious that this tea is a great choice for focused energy. The blend of green tea and selected herbs reputed to enhance focus and memory, making it a great study buddy. Goji Green is a combination of Gunpowder Green tea with goji berries, Ginko Biloba, and Gotu kola for effect, while orange peel and lemon myrtle give a bright and sunny flavor. Licorice root rounds out the finish by lending a mellow, lingering sweet taste. If you’re up late studying for that big test, brew up some Goji Focus: it’ll help your memory, and you can snack on the rehydrated goji berries for a midnight snack!


Goji Green “Focus” Tea


Holly Family Teas (Maté, Guayusa, Yaupon)

If you really need to get moving, Yerba Maté is the drink for you. Unlike most caffeinated beverages, there is nothing to slow caffeine’s absorption in the body, meaning people feel the effects right quickly. It increases metabolism, enhances vitality, focus, and well-being. The invigorating leaves come from the leaves of the South American holly tree.  

Sharing maté is a sign of friendship and hospitality in many South American countries, where people pass around maté gourds and sip the maté through a bombilla (the metal straw that filters the leaves as you drink). The word maté actually means gourd, and yerba means herb. This makes perfect sense if decide to sip it in its traditional form: straight from a gourd. Simply put the leaves in the gourd, fill it up with hot water, and drink it through an ornate bombilla.

We have Argentinean, Brazilian, and Roasted Yerba Mate, so come on in and try them all!

Maté with bombilla

Guayusa is the leaf an Amazonian tree, and also part of the holly family. It contains caffeine and large amounts of antioxidants which provide clear, focused energy. It has a much sweeter taste than maté due to its lack of tannic acid, which also allows for long steeping without going bitter.

If fruity tea is not your jam, go for a more traditional route with straight up Guayusa. It offers clear, focused energy—what the native Kichwa people call “mental strength and courage.” The aroma is rich and oceanic with molasses and chicory notes.

Yaupon is another member of the Holly genus; a cousin to yerba maté and Guayusa. It is the only known caffeinated plant native to North America. Try our  United States Yaupon for a  smooth flavored brew with notes of buttered green beans and artichoke. 

Breakfast Black Tea Blends (Irish, Scottish)

Sometimes you need something to kick you in the pants. Breakfast tea does just that. The robust black brews have high levels of caffeine that will get you moving in the morning and keep you running through the day. Sometimes you need a cuppa classic, straightforward, black tea.

Irish Breakfast is the hardiest and boldest tea on the wall. It is brisk, full-bodied and malty. Our Scottish Breakfast Blend has strong malty flavors up front with a sweet and incredibly smooth finish, not unlike a good Scottish accent (I’m looking at you, Sean Connery). These two Great British beverage cousins taste lovely with a bit of cream and sugar, and perhaps a biscuit for good measure.

Mahatma Masala Chai

Mahatma Masala Chai translates from Hindi as “Great Soul Spiced Tea”. Our blend of India CTC Assam, ginger, cardamom, clove, and cinnamon makes for a spicy awakening blend that perks up the mind and nourishes the soul. Black tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant, so it has the magical balance of energizing caffenation and focused concentration. This drink goes beyond a caffeine boost: it’s a full-body enhancement. Ginger aids in digestion and improves circulation, while cardamom supports the immune system and helps detoxify the body. Cinnamon also has digestive properties and has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects.


Chai at Happy Lucky’s Teahouse