Stories of Summer

Take Time to Reflect

Can you believe it’s already August? Summer is flying by at the Teahouse, but the stories haven’t stopped. Now is the perfect time to sit down in a quiet place and reflect on your adventures. Journaling has a myriad of benefits –  it boosts your IQ and emotional intelligence enhances mindfulness, and helps with self-discipline and self-confidence. It also is a great way to document highlights from your summer vacation. Grab a Happy Lucky Journal from Old Town, Front Range, or order online, and write down your favorite summer stories. Don’t have any specific vacation stories to share? That’s ok! Take the time to let your creativity flow – make some art, write a poem, draft a song, or just let your thoughts flow onto the page.

If you’ve been into either teahouse, you may have noticed our Community Happy Lucky journals. People from all walks of life have taken the time to share things that make them happy. At Happy Lucky’s Teahouse, our goal is to nourish happiness through the experience of great tea. A busy and distracting world that constantly draws your attention outward can cause great levels of stress, overwhelm and dissatisfaction for people. Yet mindful attention to savoring experiences has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase levels of happiness. Taking a moment to savor to focus inward is easy when you have a journal at your fingertips.

We’ve been flipping through the pages of Happy Lucky’s Journals in Old Town and Front Range Village and finding heartwarming stories, quirky artwork, and general anecdotes that nourish people’s happiness. In the spirit of sharing happiness, we have gathered some of our favorite entries and put them in this post.

We love hearing about things that make people happy, and sharing them spreads that love. Take a photo of your entry in our journals and share it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #StoriesofSummer and #NourishYourHappy, tag us, and we will choose a winner of a Happy Lucky Journal!

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