Tea About Town Part III: Special-Tea Twists

Part III explores tea in ways we didn’t know were possible. 

Bean Cycle Coffee Roasters

There’s something special about the house chai at Bean Cycle Roasters. Happy Lucky’s worked with the Bean Cycle to create an exclusive, custom chai blend that is surprisingly good with ginger beer. Penelope Flashner, co-owner, and barista, showed us how they measure heaping scoops of aromatic spices into French presses. We watched as cardamom pods, black tea, and other spices tumbled into large glass presses. With the addition of freshly pressed ginger and a touch of agave, Bean Cycle’s chai is a must try. If you’re looking for a cool summer pick-me-up, order the Sam Clemons. This drink puts a fizzy twist on the specialty chai. By mixing ginger beer and the chai concentrate, the Sam Clemons is a spicy yet refreshing blast of flavor.

happy lucky's tea in cute corked test tube viles at Bean Cycle Coffee Roasters

Mandara Spa and Skin Care

Laura Hughes at Mandara Skin and Body Spa takes tea beyond your taste buds. She uses tea-infused steam during facials to rejuvenate the skin and create a fully immersive experience. The warm aromas from our high-quality teas paired with the spa services immerse your senses in a moment of tranquility and bliss. On the Tea About Town tour, Kari got to experience Linden Street Lemon in a way she never had before: steamy facial bliss accompanied by a scalp and temple massage. The warming steam from the tea washed over her face and the aroma enveloped her senses. Kari had to go back later to book a full facial appointment after the steamy tea teaser.   

Mandara Spa and Skin Care
Photo by Jimena Peck

Joon Kombucha

Without tea, you wouldn’t have Joon kombucha. The handcrafted, raw, probiotic drink is made with Colorado honey and a custom green tea blend from Happy Lucky’s. What makes Joon kombucha special? Scott Compton uses local honey instead of cane sugar. This makes Joon not as sweet as regular kombucha and adds an extra nutrient boost from honey. Don’t be deterred if kombucha is not your cup of tea. Some people are scared away the vinegary drink, making it out to be an acquired taste. But Joon kombucha is something even novice kombucha drinkers will love. With a touch of sweetness and no overwhelming vinegar tang, it’s a refreshing and healthy choice that can be enjoyed by anyone. By the glass, or by the growler, Joon kombucha is a great addition to the Happy Lucky family. You can find Joon kombucha on tap at the Old Town and the Front Range Village teahouses. To find out where else to find Joon, check out their website.

joon kombucha logo

Scrumpy’s Hard Cider Bar

If you’re looking for something other than a caffeine buzz you’ll love our collaboration with Jennifer Seiwald at Summit Cider. You can find Summit Cider at Scrumpy’s Cider Bar, which is on College Ave. The drinks aren’t the only bubbly things here. Jennifer, who owns and operates the bar, has a bright excitement that follows her around, and an infectious smile. From apples to brews, Jennifer likes to keep it local when she can.  After trying over six combinations, Master Tea Blender Andy Boone collaborated with the Summit Cider team to create three ciders with Happy Lucky’s tea: Linden Street Lemon, Carrot Orange Ginger and the Khmer Chai for the winter. The sour zing of Linden Street Lemon makes for a perfect summer cider, while the warming chai spices are perfect for cooler weather.  three cider samples feat. Happy Lucky's tea  at Scrumpy's Cider Bar with hedgehog Mascots in Fort


If an evening of classy drinking is in your future, walk down the stairs to Social. The upscale speakeasy was the perfect way to polish off a long week of Tea About Town adventures. Nathan, a bartender at Social, showed us how they make one of their most popular drinks: The Old Stogie. Nathan told us that the Rye whiskey based beverage is 

photo of an old stogie feat. Happy Lucky's tea at social bar in fort collins with the menu

basically an Old Fashioned, but there’s nothing basic about it. Nathan placed a small bit of the custom blended Peach Earl Grey on a plate and lit it on fire. He quickly flipped a glass that he had wiped with Orange and Peach Earl Grey simple syrup. As Earl Grey smoldered under the cup, a sweet smoky aroma filled the air and stuck to the inside of the glass. Then, he gracefully flipped the cup back upright and filled it with the drink. Before you even taste the flavor your palette is primed by the smoke. “Your whole head is involved,” marveled Kari as she sipped her well-earned cocktail.

More Tea to be Had

One week, fifteen local businesses, and we still didn’t make it to every location that uses Happy Lucky’s Tea. The Tea About Town tour opened our eyes to the myriad of innovative creations and the amazing community of Northern Colorado. It seems like tea has a special ability to bring people together, and we love that it continues to nourish the happy of our local collaborations.

On our Tea About Town tour, we discovered many unique uses, custom blends, and amazing people. But you have got to go to know. Take yourself on a Tea About Town tour! You’ll discover tea in ways you never knew before.

More Places to find our tea:


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