Tea About Town Part II: In Your Food

Part II of the Tea About Town tour takes our taste buds and our tummies on foodie bonanza. 

Revolution Artisan Pops

Other Local gems use Happy Lucky’s tea to create something completely different. Revolution Artisan Pops uses Hibiscus Tea as a base for their best selling pop: the Raspberry Hibiscus. The fresh berries burst in your mouth and the tart floral notes from hibiscus dance around every bite. They also are using Happy Lucky’s Jasmine tea for a seasonal Jasmine Rhubarb popsicle. Revolution Artisan Pops offers a variety of innovative flavors like Harbinger’s Coffee & Sweet Cream, Meyer Lemon & Fresh Ginger, and even Pupsicles (for your pooch).


Sara from Revolution Market showing off Happy Lucky's Infused pops
Sara at Revolution Market with Happy Lucky’s Infused Pops


The pop shop is located on College Avenue, but they are produced in the newly opened Revolution Market on Oak Street. The market may be small, but it’s filled to the brim with goodies. With about 50 Colorado companies represented and an abundance of healthy options, a revolution has begun at this small grocery store.

The Waffle Lab

Fort Collins Food Truck lovers will recognize this next collaboration: The Waffle Lab has found some creative ways to dish out tea. We found that you could sip it and eat it. They serve a variety of loose-leaf teas and some twists on classic drinks. The Minty Palmer uses our Moroccan Mint Green Tea instead of a regular black blend, which brings a basic Arnold Palmer to another level. On our tour, we tried their classic Belgian style liege waffle topped with strawberries and whipped cream.


waffle lab with cider and tea soaked strawberries of Happy Lucky's tea
Cider & Tea Infused Strawberries & Egyptian Dreams at The Waffle Lab


The special tea twist? The berries had been soaked in Scrumpy’s Cider and Egyptian Dreams. Creativity is bouncing off the wood-paneled walls at The Waffle Lab. Chefs are encouraged to experiment with recipes and create new masterpieces. We’re happy to know that our tea is in good hands at The Waffle Lab and excited to see what new recipes they come up with.

Linden Street Cafe

Linden St. Cafe is another great place to eat and drink the tea you love. With tea-infused scones and a selection of loose-leaf teas, what else could you ask for? Attempts to mix it right into the batter left the tastebuds wanting, so Ezra, baker, and barista, began creating tea-infused butter. On our Tea About Town tour, we got to try a Shakti Chai infused scone with a layer of thinly sliced apples. As soon as the scone meets meet your mouth, there is an explosion of chai spice. As the warming herbal blend of Chamomile, Rooibos Vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and cardamom dance around your taste buds, the tartness of the apple slices through to create a well-rounded flavor. To complete the experience, we drank English Breakfast tea. The warming black tea highlights the chai spices.


linden street cafe scone infused with Shakti Chai and english breakfast tea from Happy Lucky's Teahouse in Fort Collins CO
Shakti Cha Scone & English Breakfast Tea

The Gold Leaf Collective 

The Silver Seed food truck has been driving the streets of Fort Collins since 2014. But this year Taylor Smith, owner, and founder, opened a brick and mortar restaurant called  The Gold Leaf Collective. “No Sysco and Shamrock here,” Smith said when we visited him on our tour because chefs partner with local farms to create magical vegan meals.  You can enjoy a custom earl gray blend dubbed “Daniel Gray” after one of the chefs, that was created in collaboration with Master Blender Andy Boone. With notes from smokey Lapsang Souchong, the unique blend has a distinct Colorado taste. The tea itself is an experience (only available at The Gold Leaf!), but they have also created Daniel Gray glazed vegan scones, shortbread cookies, and even sorbet.

Kari and Taylor sip custom blended Daniel Gray tea from Happy Lucky's at The Gold Leaf Collective
Kari and Taylor Sipping Daniel Gray


The chefs have incorporated other Happy Lucky’s teas into their food in the past, like Vitalitea Sorbet, and are periodically switching up flavors and infusions. You can taste the love in the food, but you can also feel it in the air. The small restaurant is buzzing with positivity and generosity. If you can’t decide what you want to eat, just order The Preferential. The master chefs will whip up a surprise meal and donate $2.00 to a local nonprofit.  The chefs mix up their menu based on seasonal availability, so you’re going to have to visit this creative little restaurant many times. Take it from us, it won’t be a chore.

Did you read Part I? Catch up here to learn about the different ways to enjoy Happy Lucky’s tea straight from the cup around town.

Stay tuned for Part III: Special Tea Twists.


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