Tea About Town Part I: Straight from the Cup


Local collaboration and creativity are alive and well in Northern Colorado, and Happy Lucky’s Teahouse has found its way into some amazing places because of it. The Northern Colorado community is a closely knit one, so naturally, local businesses work together to support each other. From Laporte to Loveland, tea is everywhere. Sometimes it’s right where you would expect it, like a local cafe. Yet other establishments use tea in ways that might surprise you. Last week, we took ourselves on a Tea About Town tour to explore the innovative uses of Happy Lucky’s tea.

Because we visited so many wonderful establishments, this adventure will be documented in three parts: Straight from the Cup, In Your Food, and Special Tea Twists.

The Coffee Tree, Where Good Things Grow

Our first stop on the Tea About Town tour brought us to Loveland, Colorado, and it was clear when we walked into the bustling cafe that they stay true to their name: The Coffee Tree Where Good Things Grow. Positivity bubbled out of the baristas and flowed into the tea and coffee they served, with every interaction accompanied by a smile. The Coffee Tree may be primarily focused on coffee, but they offer an impressive selection of Happy Lucky’s tea: thirteen loose-leaf teas to choose from. Beyond the tea and coffee selection, this little Loveland shop has a lot of love to offer. It is an independent and family owned business dedicated to consumer responsibility and giving back to the community. Owners Heidi, Michael, Maureen and Bob Trash like to choose local and responsibly, supporting family-owned farms and direct trade coffee.

Watch our Facebook Live video here.

White Tree Sushi

Take a step away from the traffic rushing down Taft Hill and Elizabeth into the King Soopers plaza and you will find quiet refuge at  White Tree Sushi. The small restaurant serves authentic Japanese and Korean cuisine, making for a tasty cultural fusion.

Relaxation Tea & Chicken Katsu

The atmosphere is “…the comfortable area in between [formal and casual],” said Stephan, the general manager. Inky koi fish and mountain ranges are all hand brushed by Anna, the owner, and chef. Since tea was discovered in Asia, it only makes sense to end a meal at White Tree with a lovely pot of Happy Lucky’s Tea. Take a break from the noise of the outside world with Relaxation Herbal Blend, or invigorate your senses with some Oolong.


Wolverine Farm Letterpress & Publick House

Wolverine Farm Letterpress and Publick House is a nonprofit event space, letterpress print shop, and bar/cafe. If the name sounds familiar, it is because they run a bookstore

Hibiscus Ginger Tea

out of the Bean Cycle. However, they wanted to find a space that was “…more conducive to intimate cultural offerings,” according to Todd Simmons, founder, and director. The Publick House has become just that. They have hosted music, yoga, drawing, book discussions, and even a lumberjack competition in the new space. They also host a nice selection of Happy Lucky’s loose-leaf tea, along with a custom blended Wolverine Chai Wolverine Chai.The peppery spice-forward blend is gently counterbalanced by a sweet creamy deliciousness that is sure to perk you up.

Watch our Facebook Live video here.

Momo Lolo Coffee House

A small coffee shop in the corner of Campus West attracts many Colorado State University students. Coming in and sharing a pot of Happy Lucky’s tea gets many through finals, according to Colin, owner, and founder of the brightly colored cafe. On our Tea About Town tour, we learned that Matcha smoothies are the best thing since sliced bread (according to Rebekah, social media coordinator). We tried the Morning Sunshine Smoothie, which is a delightful blend of peach, milk, and matcha. It was a perfect pick-me-up and creative use for matcha. They also make matcha lattes, chai, and specialty espresso drinks.

Happy Lucky’s Tea at Momo Lolo Coffee House

Watch our Facebook Live video here.

Nuance Chocolate

Chocolate connoisseurs and novices alike are guaranteed to find something good at Nuance. Toby Gadd, one of the owners and founders of Nuance, is dedicated to making authentic and ethically sourced chocolate, and to educating people along the way. Nuance is one of only 30-40 companies in the U.S. that makes its own chocolate from raw cacao beans. Toby is often seeking out local collaborations, using local honey and spices from farms around town. In the past, he collaborated with Happy Lucky’s to create a chai

Nuance Truffle and Lucky's Tea
Rooibos Raspberry & Ghana Truffle

truffle. But the experience we sought out was tea and chocolate pairing. “When you pair things you can’t’ really guess, you have to taste and try and taste again,” Toby said. The complexity of chocolate required Toby and George (co-owner of Happy Lucky’s) to sit down and try dozens of chocolate and tea pairings (what a travesty!) to find the perfect marriage. We tried Rooibos Raspberry tea with a dark Ghana truffle. The fruity notes paired nicely with the dark smooth chocolate, each bite richer than the last. We recommend sipping tea to warm your mouth and prime your palate with the soothing rooibos so that each bite of chocolate dreamily melts in your mouth.

Watch our Facebook Live video here.

FoCo Cafe

Fort Collins is more than a city, it’s a compassionate community, and the FoCo Cafe is an example of the great things we can accomplish when we come together. With the motto “feeding our community ourselves,” the small nonprofit, donation only cafe runs on the spirit of giving back.“We make healthy, nutritious food available to all people,” said Kathleen Baumgardner, who founded the nonprofit with her husband Jeff. The concept is simple: everyone has the right to a good meal. You walk in, pay what you can, pay what you normally would, or pay it forward so that someone else can eat. If you don’t have the money, you can volunteer your time. As part of the meal, you can enjoy water, coffee, or a bottomless cup of iced Relaxation tea from Happy Lucky’s.

foco cafe
A stable of the Fort Collins Community

Watch our Facebook Live video here.

Stay tuned for parts II and III of the Tea About Town tour. The Facebook Live event is also available to watch on our Facebook page.


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