Perfect Pairings of Books and Tea

Old Firehouse Books

Need something to go with your new book? Why not try some tea from Happy Lucky’s Teahouse and Treasures?

Here are some of our picks to go with our favorite reads.

Good Luck Green with Pride and Prejudice


A delicious and light tea that is so beautiful in image and taste that all it can do is make you feel more romantic about the book you are reading. Not to mention with Valentine’s Day coming up….perfect with some honey for your hunny.


The Martian with China Tuocah Pu-Er


A hearty black, fermented tea, with a good kick, but also uplifting and earthy feel to it. Maybe what Watney could have used over hot water during his adventure in space.

the martian

The Buried Giant with India Malty Assam


A malty and robust tea, delicious and filling…maybe a good tea for a medieval English adventure?

1426714894-buriedgiantcoverThe Girl on the Train with Madame…

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