A few of our favorite things!

It’s officially Autumn and officially October! How wonderful is this?

In tea culture, all year offers wonderful tea themes and opportunities. Yet, autumn is a unique adventure in tea as it provides the launching of the cold season and the delights of warm drinks.

Autumn is when we feel nostalgic about the past and changes of life. We smile at kids at school, and remember our own time there. We smell autumn and weather changes on the air and we are reminded of rolling in leaves and carving pumpkins. We are reminded of Halloween nights in our favorite costumes, and getting to wear a brand new pair of boots into the rain or snow.

At Happy Lucky’s, we’re always in love with dead leaves.


Which is what tea is after all.

So maybe fall is just a celebration of that stage of existence and loving every moment of it.

It’s also the colors and the fashion, the cool breeze and having an excuse to eat delectable treats.

We also love Pumpkin Spice and not just because of the sugary lattes that many places serve. We legitimately LOVE pumpkin spices, like the ones that are in traditional Chai blends like the ones we serve at the store. These spices have been used with tea and in dishes in many parts of the world, including India where the traditional chai spice-blend has been used for centuries.

If you are craving those wonderful spices and you want something with less sugar and artificial flavoring, come and see one of our leafsters for a treat of the season!

Other favorite things about fall….




Steamed Milk (Almond, Dairy, Coconut….)

Pumpkins and carving them


Smell of fall

october2Smell of tea

Hot drinks on a cold day


Cute socks



Face Paint



Happy Sipping!



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